Sunday, July 02, 2006

How the French report their futbol

Tonight in Paris, Arc de Triomphe, bien sur!

To begin with, Le Monde offers you a nifty HTLM for you to put in your blog. Below the result. The title of the article is "Zidane finds Henry", Zidane finds Henry which apparently had not happened for quite a while. You click on the link, a page will open with a set up that details how the French score happened. All very Cartesian.

This article will contrast nicely with the Guardian, the favorite of Quico. Not that it is any better than the Guardian, just different gossip focus. There you will learn that the French call the Brazilian team, La Seleção. And use routinely auriverde like we do in Venezuela.

Liberation points out that since 1990 Brazil has been defeated only twice in a World Cup match, and by France. Apparently it matters.


Blogger Francisco said...

See, the French papers report on futbol they way they report on the stock market! Just the facts, ma'am! BORING!

The English press is all different. Not a nation given to melodramatic flourishes, the English let it all hang out when they're writing about futbol. Suddenly, no turn of phrase is too over-the-top to put in. No image to corny. They just write it!

I love it...really, I do...

4:35 AM  
Blogger Francisco said...

Though I'll admit this is a nice turn of phrase:

C'est un Thierry Henry oublié au second poteau qui crucifie Dida d'une volée du plat du pied imparable

5:11 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...


You know, I was very tempted to put up this sentence but I was afraid that people would think that I was again this insufrible French snob.

There is another thing also I like about the French: in their broadcasts, as the English do it seems, they let as much of the sound of the stadium in the sound track as they can get away with it. Here, you only hear the crowds as a very distant rumble, least it would take away from the sportscaster who think that they their comment are actually more interesting than the games themselves... Well, sometimes they are, but still, I would like to know when the stadium roars, and which side it roars more for.

I had thus to resort to watch Direct TV with Argentineans sportscaster because 1) they do a better job at commenting than the brits or the French 2) they still leave enough of the stadium atmosphere seep through. It is too bad that Meridiano does not give us more sound as they have a much better coverage than the others, and they have Goooooooolazo Maltin Polar!

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Domingo Ruiz said...

I must say I very much dislike the French live reporting, c'est vraiment n'importe quoi. They always get it wrong, like in the Portugal-England match they said that England was going to outshoot Portugal!

3:01 PM  

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