Saturday, July 01, 2006

France Brazil: live blogging broadcast

4:52. On a gagné!

4:48. Ronaldinho (yes, he is playing in this Cup, believe it or not) has just missed a free shot at the French gate.

4:46. Saha got a yellow card within a minute in the game. As the Argentinian sportscaster said: bienvenido al partido Saha.

4:45. Henry out, Saha in. 5 long, loooonnnnnggggg minutes to go.

4:37. Kaká is out also. I wonder how the French TV mentions Kaka... The Brazilian coach is obviously tryin glast minutes maneuvers. About 15 minutes left. Angst!

4:36. Ribery out Govou in. I think I agree, Ribery has run a lot, he is tired and he might as well be saved for the next game. France must win without Ribery today.

4:35. Cafú out, Cicinho in. Maybe the last world cup game for the long serving Brazilian captain.

4:32. Zidane is giving a master's class on how futbol is played. But a yellow card for Sagnol.

4:30. 20 minutes left of game. I am having heart palpitations....


Zizou to Titi, Titi inside as if nothing. Superbe!

4:13. I think that "titi" Henry (as my Direct TV Argentinian sportscaster call him) should check his contact lenses formula. He is starting to make a few too many off sides again.

4:06. And here we go again. France misses a close one in the first couple minutes. Even Quico tells me that the Zidane of 1998 seems to be back. May be be right.

3:49. Dramatic end for the first half. A nervous Brazilian team gets two faults and two yellow cards (one for Ronaldo on a dubious hand if you ask me). They saved the score from the French but the psychological effect might be payed in the second half. Amazingly France is in control and Brazil is playing lousy. (PS: replays show that Ronaldo meant that hand touch: he deserves his yellow!)

3:43. Almost a the half time I am looking in awe at how France has a plan and Brazil seems clueless. I mean, it is far from over, but if a couple of weeks ago after the France Switzerland I had been told they woudl have played as today I woudl have laughed my head off.

3:26. After 26 minutes of game, no geat moves yet. The French would seem to be more in control, but "would seem" is the key word here. Since the game is not very exciting so far I even missed the yellow card for Brazil captain, Cafu! But thanks to the on time FIFA statistics on the game I can catch up.

3:20. Political thoughts.

1) La Marseillaise, a bloody war rousing anthem if any, might be one of the best one to launch players against others.

2) Chirac is watching, welcoming a nice break from his piling worries at home. De Villepin is not in attendance, maybe planning his retirement from Matignon, the Prime Minister residence.

3) Beckenbauer is polishing his image. He is seen with many foreign head of states and his great organization of the World Cup so far might suggest a political future in Germany.

4) Lula is not there. Then again Chirac could almost take the train to visit. I bet Lula will come if Brazil makes it to the finals. Merkel has not missed a German game in the second round.

3:06 PM. The match has already started. Not too fast so far. Teams are watching each other. They both are very respectful of the other one.

Yours truly confess that he sung La Marseillaise. He does not look like the picture below but he "gets it". Ah! Cheap patriotism sometime can feel so good! Will I ever watch a World Cup match between Venezuela and France? I'll die for sure...


Blogger Francisco said...

Wow. France is kicking a huge amount of ass.

Zidane the Zidane of '98!

Kudos, must be loving this.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Yeah, it is great. I am almost upset that I started live blogging. It distract me some, but it also controls my stress level.

But Vieira and Ribery are great too and Henry seem a tad more focused than last time. I am lettign my hopes come up slowly....

4:05 PM  
Blogger Francisco said...

Futbol is strange. With four in midfield, Brazil controlled the center of the field. Today they play with five in midfield, and they can't string 3 passes together...

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Alfredo Octavio said...

Vive La France!!! Que alegria tan grande!!!!! Felicidades Daniel!

4:58 PM  
Blogger Francisco said...

Chapeau, man...that was great futbol. Will the frogs rid us of this portuguese plague?

4:58 PM  
Blogger Elízabeth said...

Qué juegazo Daniel!!

5:02 PM  
Anonymous mumin said...

I was unable to watch the game, but I'm truly happy that the football empire got kicked out of the tournament! It's murder for my office pool bet, of course. But then again, I did select Henry as top goalscorer...

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Domingo Ruiz said...

Allez les Bleus!
Allez les Bleus!
Allez les Bleus!

2:58 PM  

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