Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Year of the Overdog

Well, I'm reconciling myself to the fact that - barring a highly unlikely Ukrainian victory over Italy - 2006 will be the World Cup without a Giant Killing.

Seven of the final eight teams can fairly be described as Big Guns. Six of them have already won a World Cup - in fact, only Uruguay is missing out of the previous winners.

Also, my innitial idea that this would be the year of Youth over Experience has been flat wrong. The teenage-heavy teams - Spain, Holland, Switzerland - have gotten a proper whooping by the Geriatric Set - France, Portugal and Ukraine.

At this point, I should probably have the decency to stop making predictions. But decency was never my strong-suit, so I'll say this: all seven of the remaining Big Guns are quite evenly matched. The one thing that might give one of them an edge over the others is home-court advantage. So I say Germany.


Blogger Daniel said...


glad to see that your funk is dissipating some. now you know how i felt four years ago when i thought that france could not possibly lose and was kicked out on the first round.....

as for the fitness thing. you are not enterely wrong, after all it almost worked for the swiss (and it did for the greeks two years ago). you might have forgotten to factor in that now they play on real fast turf (remember previous cups when the fields went from grass to muddle wrestling arenas as the tournament progressed?), that clothing is much lighter and better ventilated than before, that shoes are light and perfectly fitting, that they are well beyond gatorade on the side for a continuous rehidratation, etc, etc... heck, if futbol technology keeps progressing pele might play next cup!!!

PS: do not forget to vote on the poll, Germany has received no votes yet :)

11:26 AM  
Anonymous sire said...

Quico, no need to always be talking about AGE. It's just that the best players of a country should play - regardless of their age. I for one think the winner of Brazil-France could win the cup.

5:07 PM  

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