Monday, June 26, 2006

Another look at last night's brawl in Nurenberg...

This is the foul that set up all the craziness: just 10 minutes into the game, it was an assault, really, an intentona on Cristiano Ronaldo rather than a foul. Should've been a red-card right away. Cristiano Ronaldo managed to limp around for another 8 minutes before a second brutal foul sent him off crying (literally) into the bench. From this point on, the Portuguese had revenge in mind:


Anonymous Domingo Ruiz said...

The Dutch have been playing dirty since the beginning. Van Persie had the opportunity to make one of the most beautiful goals of the Cup and totally missed it. Anyway I still think he was the best player of the game. And what a laugh seeing Portugal's coach break into a fit when Deco got red carded! And seeing Deco and Van Bronckhorst sitting together! I totally agree with the Guardian, the game's referee made Poll's 3 yellow cards look like nothing. I wonder if hell broke loose in Nuremberg after the game.

10:55 AM  
Blogger JPJP0883 said...

after today games I just look back on the Portugal vs Netherland and I think... violent?, yes!... stupid referee?, absolutily yes!,... that it will be hard against England without so many players, no doubt abou it!!
but then I also thought at least it was EXCITING!! wtf was that?
Italy won when the hard worker Australia had the best of chances (well yeah! thats football and there is where Italy shows why it has been in the WC for so long....) and the other match was boring! (not the first to be and not the last for sure, but for gods sake this is the f@%^&$£ WORLD CUP)
Sorry about this but my frustrations take the best of me!! d@@b

8:59 PM  

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