Sunday, June 25, 2006

Words fail me...

...people tell me I'm a good writer, but somehow I can't quite string together a set of adjectives to adequately describe how fucking awful England were today. Granted, it was 35 degrees in Stutgart, probably the heat made problems for them. Nonetheless, they screwed up this game so bad it's hard to know where to start.

Passing: awful.
Off-ball running: practically none.
Shooting: oy vey!
Running down the bands: a disaster of tolstoyian proportions...

Everything about England sucked today...except Beckham's skill with a free kick. Ecuador gets good marks for holding the English, but often I had the sense that it wasn't Ecuador's defending that was good - it was the English attack that was bad.

A sorry spectacle...there is just no way these 11 people will win the World Cup.


Blogger EnglishDeficit said...

Sadly, this is one of the rare occassions when I have to agree with Francisco. Words cannot do justice to just how appalling that English performance was. Be in no doubt that the three wins and a draw that England have eeked out, do little to mask the glaring imcompetance of the perfomances.

What was Ericsson thinking of when he decided to play Rooney a lone striker? Rooney chases games. That's the sort of player he is. To expect him to hang around up front waiting to fed balls (by God know's who) is lunacy. It's not in his natute.

As as for this Walcott farce, I am almost at a loss for words, and I say that as an Arsenal supporter! If you are going to bring an inexperienced kid to the World Cup, at least have the cojones to play him. Otherwise why bring him in the first place? With Owen out injured, we now have no options in attack. And it shows. Boy, does it show.

Comically, I think England will progress to the semis, and possibly even the final. If we do it will be despite the manager, not because of him.

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