Saturday, June 24, 2006

Second round hopes and frustrations

The problem with the second round matches is that quite often they start with what would have been a dream finale. This time is no exception.

Germany will beat Sweden in a lackluster match, by 2 points. So will do Argentina against Mexico, maybe less lackluster. The end result? On June 30 what will be probably the advanced "real" finale of the Cup, Argentina against Germany (while the Swiss might hold on to survive and meet the winner of that game........)

Very frustrating for me. Fortunately tomorrows's games will be more interesting (the one to watch today is Argentina Mexico, tomorrow you can watch all of them).

On another note, I have taken the bullet from Quico and did my predictions for this first stage of the second round. Note, all the score indicated do not include and eventual penalty round, that is if team X I mark down as winning 2 to 1, it means that they tied the game 1-1 and at penalty round they scored one more than the other team. Your predictions Quico?