Friday, June 23, 2006

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Fun notes:

  • Africa had 5 teams - just 1 is still in (Ghana)
  • Eastern Europe had 5 teams - just 1 is still in (Ukraine)
  • South America had 4 teams - 3 are still in (Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador)
  • North and Central America, and the Caribbean had 4 teams - 1 is still in (Mexico)
  • Oceania had 1 team - It's still in (Australia)
  • Asia had 4 teams - All 4 are out.
  • Western Europe had 9 teams - ALL of them are still in.

  • Only France and Mexico failed to win the groups they were seeded in.
  • Out of the favorites, Italy has the easiest draw.
  • An Argentina v. Brazil final is still possible.

And the silliest-dressed fans of the first round are these three Swiss dudes, who somehow fooled security and managed to get into the stadium in full military uniform:


Blogger Francisco said...

To me, it's simple: the reason competitive teams like Chile, Uruguay and Colombia didn't get to play is that their places were taken by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Togo and T&T. Asia is over-represented - hasta cuando Saudi Arabia and Iran, countries that just embarass themselves on a four-yearly schedule?.

But North America, Central America and the Caribbean are even more absurdly over-represented. The system lets the US and Mexico in virtually guaranteed, alongside two teams that are certain to lose in the first round. There is no reason a team like Costa Rica should be in the World Cup - they're just far from competitive at that level. And we might all be for the Trinitarios had a chance to play in the World Cup, but wouldn't it have been a better turnament if Uruguay or Chile had had that spot instead?

NO al imperialismo de la FIFA! Have all of the Americas qualify in a single group hemispheric group! I should start a campaign...

10:06 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...


I do not completely agree with you. You do have a point but the World Cup is more than just about high quality football. If you want that then you should stick only to UEFA cups in Europe where many well paid athletes will give more for their club that they would give for their country. A Barsa/Juventus/Manchester will always outpace a world cup.

This being said, CONCACAF should have one less team as well as Asia. Oceania should have one as it is ridiculous that Australia has to fight for a repechage with the 5th running LatAm team!!!! This cup demonstrates that Australia futbol is on the right track and surely New Zealand cannot be far behind.

I think that the selection instead of being stricly regional should be based more on major leagues, amateurs totals, olympic performances, etc, etc A stricltly continental criteria is definitively depasse, or at the very least overrated.

One way to go around is to give a "continental reward" according to how well they do. For example CONCACAf woudl get from 2 to 4 teasm according to performance. Since this time they only got Mexico, next time they will lose one team, going down from 4 to three. Ditto for Asia, since none made it they should definitely lose one spot. Oceania would secure one, LatAm gain one. Africa might lose one for Europe. And a Slav country should lose one for a Scandinavian country.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Francisco said...

The thing that I can't get over is the fact that certain not-really-competitive countries (like the US and Mexico) get this built in guarantee that they'll always be in the world cup. I think that's wrong, and giving Concacaf 3 places instead of 4 only means that the US and Mexico would be accompanied by one really bad team rather than two.

But why should the gringos and mexicans have a free ride? It's totally unfair! What's even the rationale to slice up the hemisphere like that? Christ, I want to see the US team in La Paz wheezing after a ball at altitude! I want to see Canada play in Maracaibo, in the 43 degree heat and humidity! I want Mexico to prove to me that it has more of a right to be at the world cup than Colombia!

The only way to do that is to merge Concacaf and Conmebol.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...


I always say that I American because there is only one continent. I agree with you. But US and Mexico sort of want to be North Americans.

Of course, shoudl we put Russia in Asia or in Europe? Should we create a team Siberia?

It is not an easy issue to solve.

5:05 PM  

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