Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mexico goes in for the Giant Kill - but comes up just short

Overtime - Argentina 2-1 Mexico

Well, the Mexicans leave Germany with their heads held high. They played fantastically organized futbol against Argentina. They were vanquished in injury time thanks to one of the best goals in the World Cup so far. The All-Conquering Argentina of the first round was MIA tonight. Can they begin to deal with their quarterfinal opponents...GERMANY? Hmmmm...

Fulltime - 1-1
First overtime of the World Cup - Mexico is playing excellent futbol. The fabled Argentine attack has no way through them. But now the fitness premium really kicks into overtime - you have to be in supernatural shape to play 90 minutes of futbol at a more or less decent pace. But 120 minutes? Just brutal...

Halftime - 1-1

An excellent Mexico that's rendered Riquelme useless and shut down Argentina's legendary midfield flow.


Mexico 1 - Argentina 1

An own-goal that would've been a golazo if Borgetti had been aiming at the other goal. Guess it couldn't.


Mexico 1 - Argentina 0

Can this really hold?


Blogger Daniel said...

Yes, Mexico is truly awesome. the match of their career!

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Mumin said...

A beautiful game, just beautiful. And with Rodriguez' goal on top of that. The elimination stages are on!

Top marks to Mexico for bringing it on better than I could ever have expected.

5:40 PM  
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