Saturday, June 24, 2006

German Blitzkrieg

I have had always a problem with the Germans, the team I fail to love but cannot bring myself to dislike. And today I was reminded of why.

I dislike Italy for their locked game that takes the fun out of watching futbol. It is efficient to a point, but 90% boring. Not been Italian there is no way I can empathize, like their style, even less when I grew up among the Italian theatrics that repulsed me even more.

The Germans in some ways remind me of Italy: a ruthless teutonic wall. But they do have something that I like (besides efficiency and lack of usless drama queenism): contrary to the Italians they try to deal with the issue fast before they get into a more defensive mode. Thus with the Germans you will always see a great team game (they are one of the least star conscious teams) and a significant chunk of great game until they build their ascendancy. Then it might be over, Italian style. The Germans do project that image that one has to take matters in one's hands to win by scoring first and fast, the Italians seem to rely more on luck to get out of a painful draw.

Today was no exception. The Germans scored brilliantly, with the very best of their brand of Football, early, fast, efficient, ruthless, fabulous!. Then we had to wait for nearly 80 minutes for the game to end. Oh, I am sure that the game was good or something, I did not watch it. At minute 20 I went out to do my week end shopping and came back for the last 10 minutes where all my fears were confirmed.

But I am grateful still, loving and disliking them at the same time, Klose and Podolski showed how great futbol is played, even if it was for barely 15 minutes. I wish Italy were to give me someday 15 minutes of pure joy :)


Blogger Francisco said...

I think Germany was fun to watch. They really have their shit together in midfield and attack. And they have four or five guys who can and will shoot from 30 meters out, which means defenses have to mark them close long before they get to the penalty box, which opens up space for Klose. And...if you like bread and circus, they have Schneider and a few other players who act almost Brazilian in the footwork.

This is really a championship contender squad.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Oh, I do not disagree, they should reach the semis of course. IT is just their lack of panache that I sense.

4:59 PM  
Blogger vergueishon said...

Daniel, Quico,

Well put! Germany certainly played well, and they did get a good number of shots after the first 15. Midfield was great, and Klose always battles hard around the box. Their strikers, of course, have been lethal most of this wc. Would be fun to see them battle Ronaldo, at least the little bit of him we got to see last match...

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Stef said...

You wish Italy were to give you someday 15 minutes of pure joy. Geez, where were you in 1982? Argentina, Brazil, Poland and Germany: 360 minutes of pure joy. Where were you in 1990? Do you really think Argentina deserved to play the final instead of Italy? Where were you in 1994? Actually, have you been watching football or pretending?

10:20 AM  

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