Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The end of a boring day, waiting for another one

Except for the rather unexpected 3-0 win of Germany over Ecuador, it was a boring day (unless you morbidly focus on England's injuries like one that shall not be named). But it might be good for Ecuador: after their great start it is good that they are reminded that the real tests are still laying ahead. Time to focus again guys, you are not playing at 6000 feet in Quito! England, even with half their team killed is still not a cup of tea.

Tomorrow's promise is hardly better, though we have the hope of two good games as opposed to only one that seemed promised today. The day will start sorting out group D. Portugal and Mexico should be a good game. Even though Portugal is already in, Mexico must ensure a draw to be in. Actually a win by Mexico will place it at the head and avoid Argentina more fearsome than the Dutch. Portugal gets to face the Dutch with a tie, thus ensuring a strong Portuguese attack if Mexico were to score the first point.

Angola Iran? ZZZzzz..... Well, yes, if Angola wins, by 3 points!, and Mexico loses without scoring, Angola goes on to the next round. Possible but unlikely, Angola's fate is pretty much settled, unless they want Iran to help them with nuclear weapons...

The other group is less interesting. Côte d'Ivoire and the ex S&M are out so they play for honor. The Côte should be the winner as S&M has not even a country's honor to fight for.

Argentina versus Holland (the delicious replay of a memorable Buenos Aires game I watched as a child with a 39º fever, or was it elsewhere? the fever did kill a few memory neurones) should normally be good. Unfortunately neither is particularly motivated as not only they are both already qualified but they are both arguably at least as good as Mexico or Portugal, making no real difference in who they face next. So taking risks injuring players is not an option. Besides, unless Portugal grows some more, it is quite possible that they will face again in the semifinals: then it might be the game of the whole tournament. At any rate, for tomorrow it will be a safe and sound and perhaps boring game. Too bad....

Me? I will take off from work to watch Argentina who has become my team to root for now that I have burnt my French passport (and that I am not ready to embrace Spain, Quico will not have to put up with thousand of Spaniards in Venezuela for the next 4 years!).

To end this post I will like to pay homage to Trinidad and Tobago who leave the Cup with a very, very honorable performance, not only from the tiniest country in the Cup (not 2 million people) but for first timers with no experience at all. This picture below where the T&T player seems to have metamorphosed into a futbol ball is quite symbolic. Good bye T&T and may you come back next time.


Blogger ow said...

Can't read anything into Ecuadors loss. It turns out they didn't play 5 of their key starters including their two strikers who had scored 4 out of 5 of Ecuadors goals up to this point.

England is no cup of tea. But I really feel Ecuador could (note: COULD) take them. I'm exited. And its a weekend game which means is the first one I'll be able to watch.

10:34 PM  
Blogger ow said...

BTW, why do so many Venezuelans go for Argentina when there is a much more "brotherly" country, Ecuador, still in the tournament? Is it a band wagon thing - they want to be associated with who they think will win?

10:40 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Dan Burnett

No, Brazil is the heavy favorite in Venezuela. Few go to Argentina and even less to Ecuador. Trust me on that one, Argentina in general does not rate in Venezuela.

You are right on the band wagon thing except that the only beneficiary is Brazil.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Francisco said...

I think you and I have REALLY different ideas about futbol. How you can conceive of putting the words "boring" and "Argentina-Netherlands" in the same sentence is just beyond me...hell, I'd get excited about a game like that if it was a charity fundraiser between their under-17 teams! But...in a World Cup? Forgeddaboudit...it'll be great...

2:45 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Well Quico, isn't this the whole point of this blog, two clashing vision and interest on futbol?

7:49 AM  

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