Sunday, June 18, 2006

Brazil better, but still not good...

Ronaldo - Still fat, still slow, still mostly in the way...
Ronaldinho - Strangely absent
Kaka - Magnificent
Fred - A monster, should start
Robinho - 10 times better than Ronaldo
Cafu - Still effective after all these years
Australia - Much better than anyone could've expected...likely to go through...


Blogger ElĂ­zabeth said...

Yeah right... we could say anything but, they won

5:25 PM  
Blogger vergueishon said...

Liz: Exactly!

It's so funny how everyone expects the whole joga bonito ads and overblown hype to translate directly on the field. I mean, looking good is great, but winning is better. Besides, who's to say they're not just saving themselves for the competition? All in all, Brazil played with ease and caution. You have to admit their passing game, as usual, was so lithe and fluid, it looked like second nature, which is business as usual for Brazil. And I'm sure Selecao fans will be ecstatic once the real challenge comes on the field, hopefully in the round of 16. As far as Ronaldo goes, I can't help but join in the chorus: you're fat, slow and unmotivated, though he may yet prove himself as a striker!

12:35 AM  

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