Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A boring day?

OK, I admit it, since Sunday afternoon I have trouble to regain my full interest in the cup. But it will come back, no matter what France does (or rather, does not do) there is something about futbol that is always redeeming and brings you back to it. Ulysses had it easy with the Sirens...

But today does not help, ladden with matches of little interest or little importance.

Germany and Ecuador are already in the second round and will battle for top tier. But since they do not know who will be on top between Sweden and England, any guess or trickery they do might backfire... they will probably settle for a comfortable tie, no injuries, no yellow cards.

Costa Rica Poland? Who cares! Except that I root for Costa Rica not to finish last. Too bad for the Poles, but heck, they had a Pope, that should be enough for their self esteeem for a least a couple more of decades.

England and Sweden? Well, Sweden will do well to at least tie the match as a victory of Trinidad over Paraguay could be enough for them to go on to the next round. England will see that game as a practice and warm up for better things to come... expect another tie.

Trinidad versus Paraguay is the only interesting match. Paraguay is already out but will fight like hell to bring home at least one victory. Trinidad will do the same in addition of having a very faint chance of overtaking the Swedes. Obviously I am rooting for Trinidad, the most pleasant surprise, with Ecuador and Ghana, of the tournament. If you have time for only one game, that is the one to watch.


Blogger Francisco said...

I think you're totally off your rocker!! Ecuador have been SO much fun to watch, and finally we'll get to see the hosts take a team that's on a roll. I am SURE both sides will fight like hell - not just for first place.

The Sweden-England game COULD be dull, but only if Ecuador manage to win Group A. If Germany wins Group A, the competition to win Group B and avoid having to face them in the next round will be strong. The Swedes would be crazy to kick back and play for a draw knowing that means facing Germany a few days down the line.

But Paraguay-T&T?!?? Paraguay have been the dullest team in Germany so far - even the half-striking Togolese have been feistier!

10:03 AM  
Blogger Francisco said...

BTW, I think a blog like this only needs one GOOD link, not a bunch of so-so ones. The Guardian's World Cup site is the funnest, funniest and most in-depth I've found yet, and marred only somewhat by Anglocentrism. That TNR blog turned out to be a bust...

10:05 AM  
Blogger Vittorio Pozzi said...

Ecuador looked a different team today and could have lost by more. No "patria o muerte" today from them.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...


But T&T could overtake the Swedes. That is where all the interest is. Paraguay might be the dullest but that will nto stop them to fight to death, even if lousily. I stand by my comment in particualr after the Ecuador trashing. Germany waking up to its full potential?

12:44 PM  

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