Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ghana gana con ganas

No question about it, the game of the day was Ghana versus the Czech Republic. Actually I predict that no matter watch else happens until the end, this game will be one of the top three as for the tension it carried, and the consequences it implied.

First, an apology. I underestimated Ghana and I paid a dear price for it. I had many errands to do today and I decided to skip it watching instead about half of boring Portugal instead. Gross miscalculation! And the more painful as I was able to watch about 20 minutes of it by stopping every few minutes in front of all the TV that are disposed almost everywhere in Caracas for people to watch. This by the way is rather nice as suddenly you find yourself commenting the game with perfect strangers which oohh and ahhh whenever you do, no matter what team is winning. The low cost of normal TV and the ever declining cost of the flat screen ones will probably make this World Cup the most watched ever in Venezuela.

In all fairness it must be said that the poor Czech were missing Baros and Koller and thus had little fire power once Ghana rolled over Nedved (or under him if we are to believe this picture). Then to add insult to injury, they lost one player But did it really matter? That lost was at 65 minutes, tragic for the Czech as it killed almost any chance to tie the game, but Ghana had been leading since minute 2! In fact, when we look at the statistics for the game we can see that the Czech and Ghana teams controlled the ball for 50% each!!! What happened to the Czech who until yesterday looked like a great favorite? A world class team would have tied the game before the 65 minute and the tension would have subsided some and the red card expulsion perhaps avoided. At any rate, Ghana played rough and got 6 yellow cards, which could jeopardize its chances in the future as now yellow cards are cumulative...

At any rate, the day belongs to Ghana which finally managed to win a game for African teams and perhaps will get at least one team in the second round. No matter what some might think, this game is good for football reminding us what a great game it is and why one should never take anything for granted.


Blogger Francisco said...

Ghana! Ghana!

Yeah, yeah, I gotta lunch on my own words now as the Czechs were just terrible. They can live without Baros, they can live without Koeller, but without BOTH? They had no one to really scare the Ghaneans. Very disappointed.

But Ghana! What a team! The thing I loved about them is that they just have NO concept of defending a lead. They scored after 2 minutes and they never let up. They might have scored 8 more with some luck.

They simply don't let up, and there is no question about fitness with this guys...Asamoah kept running like a lunatic down the band into the 90th minute.

Against a better attacking team, the Ghaneans might have paid the price for leaving some spaces in the back. It makes for beautiful futbol, but it's a damn risky strategy. Defending a lead just didn't seem to be part of their futboling repertoire...and, fun though it is to watch, that IS a limitation.

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