Monday, June 12, 2006

USA versus Czech Republic

Daniel writes: Nedved is playing! Tough on the US team! At least we will know how good they are. And Quico will be happy.

Note: the US teams have always at least one player crying at their anthem. And half of them singing along. The Czech players seemed all bored by their own one, with only one player sort of humming.

Post game schock schlock: I did not like the game. I did not like the US at all. I wonder how come they can be ranked 5th in the world right now. Something is wrong with the ranking system. Then again it gives 2nd for the Czech and their 3-0 victory over the US seems to point out that way. But there was a "je ne sais quoi" of the Czech that did not quite convince me completely. Maybe I did not sense them they way I sensed them at the EuroCup where they were IMVHO one of the three best team. Maybe I just did not watch enough of the game (a few minutes here and there). Still, I have to admit that they are among the favorites now.

And now off to Italy......


Blogger ramonchis said...

It's amazing how this outcome was expected, and how everyone use their hearts, not their minds, when talking about football.

Just this morning I was listening to XM radio on channel 148, where the gringos are doing an excellent job in giving full coverage to the World Cup. But the comentators, as professional as they have been in the past days, couldn't resist the temptation of having hope....

In any case, an interesting match, or so I've read, there is not a freaking TV set at my office.!!!

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