Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spanish fly, German Pole vaulting

Well, I am not as bullish on Spain as my distinguished colleague. Not that I do not think that they were not good today: with the Czech, after this first series of games, they are the only ones that clearly deserve to go to the final round in two weeks. But curiously I did feel a similar sensation as I felt after the French game yesterday: the opposing team was so out of skelter, out of what you expect a football team to behave, that it is really difficult to asses the real strength of the team you root for.

Let me try explain that.

In the case of France, the Swiss were so dogged, so landlocked, holding so much on their bone that you could not decide whether the French were an average team or a good one (they certainly were not great, I am not that delusional).

Ukraine, on the other hand, in spite of the luxury of a Shevchenko, was missing in action. They were not outright bad, they were just elsewhere in the space and time continuum. Spain had impeccable passing (the French had good passes too). Spain had lots of energy. But one was left with the nasty feel that if Spain were really a great team the score would have been 6 to 0!

Thus I am left to wait for the next series to see if France is good or average and whether Spain is good or great.

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I did not watch the Germany Poland game. But a single goal as the match expired makes me wonder really what is going on in that group. If poor Poland is out, it still leaves us with a German team that is apparently good but not great. The interesting aspect of this group is Ecuador who might turn out to be much better than expected.


Blogger Miguel-O-Matic said...

Thanks for the insightful descriptions Daniel (and Quico). Limited to "viewing" the first-round matches on MatchCast, it was difficult to surmise that [the Ukrainians] were just elsewhere in the space time continuum. ;->

6:52 AM  
Blogger Francisco said...

Hee hee...they really were pretty bad. What struck me was how UNLUCKY they were...every little weird bounce seemed to favor Spain, every close call, every slip and fall...odd that...

8:53 AM  

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