Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nervy Preview, Jubilant Postmortems

I don't have that much to say about tonight's game - except that the Portuguese are getting a bit of a reputation as a rogue squad with lots of pre-match coverage dwelling on French concerns about Portuguese dirty tactics, and Cristiano Ronaldo increasingly villified as a kind of Evil Genius. Les Vieux, however, must count as favorites.

Elsewhere, The Guardian's John Hooper writes this fun review of the Italian press after last night's stunner. "If you could distil jubilation into ink and put it on newsprint, you would have the front pages of Wednesday's Italian papers," he says.


Blogger Daniel said...

Well, I'd rather say nothing. This is just too nerve wracking. I cannot even manage the live blogcast this time. Well, maybe if we take an early lead I must plug the lap top.

2:40 PM  
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