Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cannavaro's Night

Yes, France outplayed Italy from the second-half on. But then, Italy had Fabio Cannavaro, the greatest Central Defender of his generation. It's an unglamorous role, but it's what won it for them tonight: Henry and Malouda had no idea how to get around the guy.

For sure, this was Cannavaro's night.

To hear Corriere della Sera readers tell it, it was his World Cup as well:


Blogger Daniel said...

cannavaro's night. buffon deserves more, he stopped a boatload of french shots.

zizou descent to hell. he did not even come out to get his medal. he will spend the rest of his life expalianing over and voer waht ahppened today, the rest of his brilliant career forgotten by the most ungrateful fans. sad, sad....

7:24 PM  
Anonymous DBC said...

Big hearty gracias to Daniel and Francisco for a very fun and enjoyable site; a great complement to the Mundial.

My takeaways-

Wish the Aussies hadn't gone out in such a woeful, unsatisfying way.

Wish the Germans hadn't hit the woodwork so much, bumped the smarmy Italia out, and made the final.

Wish Bruce Arena a happy retirement.

Wish Sven Goran a logical retirement on his native Vulcan and
Wish Theo Walcott(...) enjoyed his sight-seeing tour of Germany.

Wish Cristiano and Wayne a happy year at Old Trafford

and, mainly,

Wish Michael Owen's ACL was 100%.
The kid lit up France 98, and he deserved a better break.

When does your Capetown 2010 site start up?!?

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a eurocup in between and champions league too :D

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a eurocup in between and champions league too :D

7:44 PM  
Blogger bruni said...

I was so nervous and now I am so glad Italy won. But I was sad for Zidane. However,there are no excuses for him. These guys are supposed to be role models for millions of kids. I could not believe my eyes when it happened.

The French coach says (I think in le Monde) that the ref should have let him finish his career in the game. I don't think so, imagine the message if he had not gotten the red card!

As for Cannavaro, he really deserved this victory. He deserved to finish his career holding the cup. He is a solid rock and he has shown that one can be 1m75 and still be the best defense player in the world. Quite an accomplishment! Talent over height. My hat goes to him!

All in all, Italy was the anti-star team, the team-team. It shows that you may not have the semi-gods France, Brazil or England have, but it is the joint effort of several players that leads you to victory.

Cannavaro, Pirlo, Zambrotta and Buffon, those were the pillars of Italy's team in this tournement. None of them has the stature of Zidane or Beckham, but they really played like a team.

I am happy they won!

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the final game France was the better side. They dominated the second half as well as the extra time. They deserved to win. But this is football--the better side does not always win. Zidane is a great and classy player, so I would temper any criticism of him. We don't know what Materazzi said to provoke him, but we know that Materazzi has a terrible reputation for insulting and violent behavior on and off the pitch.


6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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