Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Portugal sails, Mexico wavers

By winning its three games in group D Portugal has shown how it is done and how a top seeded team should behave. Although I think their game is still not as good as two years ago in the European cup, Portugal has been improving as the tournament advances. It has also demonstrated that their B team is as good as their A team, now that boy wonder Cristiano Ronaldo took a break (and other top players). Portugal is now a definiteve candidate for the top 4 if it overcomes Holland next round. Well, assuming that Holland makes it second in its group.

On the other hand Mexico good start has not been confirmed. It is erratic enough that there is little hope for it to be able to face convincingly Argentina or Holland. The good news there is that now the Argentina-Holland game will be more interesting as each one of them will definitley want to face Mexico! More reason to play hookie this afternoon and go home watch the game!

PS: Angola Iran? Did anyone watched it outside of Teheran and Luanda? A disapointing tie at that. All African hopes are on Ghana.


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